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July Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I am performing my gig and hosting the Rock Jam at the Cafe Cordiale this Wednesday July 18th.
As I am sure you know, the Cafe is in Sherman Oaks at 14015 Ventura Blvd, 91423. If you find yourself in the area come by as it is always a great jam and you never know who may show up! Showtime is at 9 pm.
(I am very pleased to announce a new sponsor for the jam in the form of Zildjian Cymbals – Thanks to John DeChristopher and Emily Smith!)

As I write this I am just returning from the Kavarna Rock Festival in Bulgaria, where we just played a spectacular show with Big Noize. Kavarna is a really great place, very quiet seaside village, unspoiled, picturesque but really hot, hot, hot!



The Beach.....

The Beach…..




Vinny, Sebastian, Carlos, "The Mayor", and myself

Vinny, Sebastian, Carlos, “The Mayor”, and myself


We were thrilled to be featuring Sebastian Bach on vocals, with Carlos Cavazo and Vinny Appice, of course, and we killed it! The setlist included some of Sebastian’s songs, both solo and Skid Row and the crazy ass manic crowd loved it. Sebastian delivers 100% and throws his all at his performances and it showed. We had the stadium pounding fists and jumping to “Heaven and Hell”, “Youth Gone Wild” and we performed the rarely performed Ozzy song “Killer of Giants”
All of us had a great time and we hope to be able to do more shows with this lineup in the future. It seems that Big Noize is really starting to become more of an event than a repeating show in that we are able to change the setlist and the show dependent on who is available for the line up. This makes each Big Noize show a unique and special experience with no two shows the same. Amongst others on the Kavarna bill were friends Glenn Hughes, the Dio Disciples, Michael Schenker, Dokken and Stryper.


Carlos, Michael, Robert, Bas and me

Carlos, Michael, Robert, Bas and me




On a related note Sebastian and I spoke about writing some songs together so I shall be picking up the axe and coming up with some bone crushing heavy riffs in the next few weeks!



…with Jeff Scott Soto

orig_IMG_0007Middle of June, I got onto a fishing boat with longtime friend Jack Russell and a small film crew to film a pilot for a musician fishing show, we had fun and I am really not sure how this is going to come out, but it could be an unusual reality TV series!



On Grammy news we hosted the Grammy Future Now event on June 23rd at the Broad Stage Theater in Santa Monica. This was an all day seminar that featured 20 minute presentations from well over a dozen industry professionals in all aspects of music, media  and marketing under the banner of “What you need to know to make money as an independent artist today”

The event was well attended, close to capacity and included an outdoor lunch with the opportunities for the attendees to mingle with the industry.  I am sure that we will do this again!

June 23rd was also my birthday and once again I turned 39 ( – please no flowers !! ) I celebrated with some close friends at the Wolfslair Biergarten in Hollywood,m owned by my friends Art and Cheryl Davis, and needless to say I did not feel so great the morning of June 24th!


That’s the main news for this month – again please make sure that you keep up with me on Twitter and my Youtube channel and check in with my Facebook pages, both for my solo work and for Big Noize.


Love and Peace!


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GIG and New Video!

A quick reminder about my upcoming solo gig at Cafe Cordiale this Tuesday the 29th of May at 9:15 pm. Cafe Cordiale is at 14015 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks CA 91423

Please come out to the show – we have a great time and it is always great to see friends and new faces!  The post gig jam is always smoking and you never know just who will play…

We really need to maintain the success of this as the ONLY ROCK JAM in town right now so SUPPORT THE CAUSE OF ROCK and come down – WE LOVE YOU !!


New video released for my track “Free My Soul” The video was shot in the Mojave Desert with me speeding around on my Harley – Big Blue. The video also features the photography of world renown photojournalist David Honl, whose moving news pictures from Afghanistan and Iraq have been seen in Time and Newsweek. The idea behind the video is…..  well, you figure it out!


Rock On… Cool People!


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New Video! “Free My Soul”

Featuring the photographic images of world famous photojournalist David Honl, this video was shot in the Mojave desert and carries the message “… don’t dictate to me what you think is right for me” !!

 …My little message to a government that has now made it illegal to dig a hole in the sand deeper than 18″ on Santa Monica beach !!

More videos here 

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May Newsletter

Dear Friends,
It has been quite a busy last 2 weeks!
Tuesday the 1st May I attended the regular Grammy Board meeting where I was also acting as President (due to our President MC Lyte being absent). It was a moving meeting as we said goodbye to the Board Governors that were terming out. Amongst those were Lamont Dozier, Andrew Sheps, Steven Miller, Dave Koz and many others. Lamont was the first person I met when I got on the Board about 6 years ago and he never missed a single meeting. It will be strange to not see him each month, although everyone always remains involved in some capacity.
Here is the Grammy Recording Academy Board room just moments before the meeting.
At 8:45 pm I jumped into the car and tore down the delightful 405 at a high rate of speed to another great solo gig at Cafe Cordiale; people said that the band played better than ever before and we had some terrific guests drop in to play. John Sawicki, from the hit rhythm show “Stomp”, Rick Z, Richie Kotzen, JP Cervoni, Dave Keckhut, Bret Domrose, Daniel Pearson and the inimitable Cara Lee. I am looking forward to our next show at Cordiale at 9:15 pm on Tuesday May 29th. Please come along to the gig or to jam if you wish!
Bright and early Wednesday and we started the Rock Fantasy Camp featuring Steven Tyler. After David Fishof’s opening remarks we met our campers and got off to the grueling task of four days of solid rehearsing!  Actually, it is a lot of fun.
David Fishof - opening remarks

David Fishof – opening remarks

The first night we, the Counselors, put on a show for the campers hosted at the Hollywood Guitar Center; I played the Yes song “Roundabout” with Alan White, Bruce Kulick, Teddy ZigZag, Robert Sarzo and Kip Winger and Billy Sheehan on vocals. After that I sang “Tie Your Mother Down” splitting vocals with Kip. If you listen to that song Freddy Mercury RIP had some unbelievable phrasing on the vocals – very tricky!

Big Bottom – Kip Winger, Tim Bogert, Billy Sheehan and Rudi Sarzo


Tie Your Mother Down

With so many bass players in one place we had to get up on stage at the same time and perform Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom” !
That was another thing off the bucket list – just brilliant!!
IMG_0009My allocated musicians were terrific; we called ourselves Led Hefner! Jason and Wendi on drums, Vito, Joe and Ross on guitars, Ben on bass and Maria and Alison on vocals. After some decision making process we were performing “Dude Looks Like a Lady” “Cuts Like a Knife” and “Sweet Home Alabama”. Some of these Campers had never played in a band before but you would never have known it – they were awesome!
On the Friday we went into NRG Studios where we had a recording session to cut one of our songs, we cut “Sweet Home…” The guys cut the song in 3 takes and we overdubbed some background vocals, acoustic and percussion instruments.

Ross and Alison


 Joe and Vito
Come Saturday and the gig at the Playboy Mansion. We arrived at the Mansion at about 6 pm and got settled in. I guess that
they have transferred control of the Mansion from Hef to an agency, so there were some differences that I could notice, but if you didn’t know you would have seen any difference. Our band played 9th in order on the double stage and we killed it! Steven was there but unable to actually sing due to some problems with his throat – apparently. Either way we nailed the song. We also had a great time with our other two songs.
With my wife, Jen at the soundcheck....

With my wife, Jen at the soundcheck….



So Sunday we said goodbye to our Campers at a farewell brunch and this week I started shooting video for my next YouTube vid. The song is “Free My Soul” and it will feature the photographic work of David Honl. David is a photojournalist of great repute whose work is published in Newsweek and Time and he spends many months in Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey. His pictures are emotive and compelling and they fit the storyline that I have planned so this is going to be interesting!  David’s Website
Please keep an eye out as I will announce the video shortly. Make sure that you follow me on
So that’s about it – once again please come to the gig at Cordiale on the 29th.
Other appearances that are not quite confirmed yet will be the John Bonham Birthday Tribute concert at the House of Blues, a Vinny and Carmine Appice Drum Wars in Corona and a possible solo gig at the Brixton. We are also working on Big Noize shows but are in the process of making a change to the line up of the band that should result in it being made much easier for us to be able to perform more frequently.
Details on all this to follow…
Talk to you all soon and thank you for your continued support!
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Upcoming Gig this week!

Hi Friends,

This week is going to be interesting!

After a couple of weeks of various appearances for the Rainbow Bar and Grill’s 40th and Record Store Day for the David Lynch Foundation, I will be returning to my shows, Tuesday night to be exact.   Thanks to Jason Rothberg of DLF for this great picture at RSD !

JR dlf photo

I will be playing at Cafe Cordiale this Tuesday the 1st of May at 9:15 pm. If you are in the Los Angeles / Valley area and you wish to come by, Cafe Cordiale is a great place. A killer and classy restaurant, a great bar area, or if yu wnat to come and watch – there is never a cover charge.

The address is:

14015 Ventura Boulevard  Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 789-1985

Once again, after my first set I will be hosting an all star jam!  You never know who is going to show up and we have had a diverse range of previous guests! It is always a great night!

Wednesday morning I start on the next Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp with Steven Tyler ending up next weekend with a show at the Playboy Mansion.  I will be posting pictures and comments all week to my Twitter account and Facebook page – so make sure that you are following!

That’s it for the moment!  Lots more to come – SEE YOU AT CORDIALE !!



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