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DLF release

Phil has recently re-recorded his own version of his song “Shot in the Dark” that was originally written with Ozzy Osbourne and that became the mega hit of the 80’s.

He has donated the track to the David Lynch Foundation, a worthwhile cause that seeks to educate troubled youth, returning soldiers with PTSD and other challenged persons in Transcendental Meditation as an alternative to drugs, alcohol and violence. This high profile foundation has attracted such spokespersons as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Peter Gabriel and Iggy Pop from the music world and entrepreneurs such as Russell Simmons.

Phil’s version of the song was re-recorded with Phil playing all the instruments and represents a very modern version of the song. “I really wanted to modernize the song…” Phil says, “…I always thought that the original version lacked the energy and spirit that it attained after playing it on tour for weeks, and this version also incorporates some really cool sequence loops and  blistering energy that brings it up to date, while still keeping it true to the original!  My friend Luis Maldonado heard the track and insisted on playing a unique solo on the song – initially I wanted to keep the same solo as the original, but when I heard what Luis did I was sold!  Everyone who hears the track freaks out and loves it, and what a great cause to donate a song to!”

David Lynch has pre-released the track at Pledgemusic 

….where you can also bid on a signed handwritten lyric sheet of the song, and a signed, painted Vinyl photo album.

DLF will release Shot in the Dark for general sale on iTunes on June 15th

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