How to Hire Phil

Hire Phil to PLAY on your recording,

or hire Phil to MIX or MASTER your recordings.

Phil Soussan has performed on recordings with collective sales of over 10 million by some of the most successful and biggest names in the music world, not to mention the hundreds of live performances he has had over three decades.

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Phil has also mixed and mastered recordings featuring dozens of artists and bands incuding Toto, LA Guns, Blues Traveler, LA Guns, Dokken, Velvet Revolver, Josh Todd and Steven Tyler.

Please contact Phil directly at for any MIXING or MASTERING inquiries.

Bass Guitar Sessions…

In recent times and due in thanks to the internet, Phil has been able to perform on many recordings virtually, without having to actually be present in person, allowing artists to feature Phil without the prohibitive expenses involved in traveling to studios around the world.

Now you can hire Phil to perform on your recording, providing you with world class tracks with distinctive tones, affordably tailored to your individual budget.

Phil will communicate with you after hearing your track to discuss the details of what you would like to hear on your recording. He will then record in his fully equipped studio using a variety of basses, amplifiers and effects, with high end microphones, mic pres, ourboard compressors and leveling amps. He will supply the deliverable files to you in all the common audio formats and at any chosen resolution.

For an idea on options, his typical 4 and 5 string basses include:

FRETTED instruments by Fender, MusicMan, Gibson, Spector, Steinberger, Fernandez, Giffin and Wal, and FRETLESS instruments by Fender, MusicMan, Spector, Wal and Fernandez.

Phil can also provide you with CHAPMAN STICK bass parts.

His Amplifiers include Ampeg SVT, MarkBass, Line 6 and Rivera as well as various guitar amps suitable for recording bass by Fender, Marshall and Rivera.

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Simon Phillips –  “I have had the pleasure to work with Phil Soussan on various productions over the years and am very impressed with his all-round talents from composition to audio engineering. His solo albums show his talents very clearly and I enjoy listening to his work as well as having many a discussion about the world of recording. He is a truly talented creator of music and I highly recommend his bass playing and production skills for a variety of styles of music.”

Richie Kotzen – “I have known and worked with Phil for many years and he was part of my solo band for three tours. As a bass player he is solid, groovy, versatile and accomplished and has considerable talents in all other areas of music production. He is highly professional and dependable and a great guy and friend to have around”